Huzhou Tian Yu technology co., LTD founded in 2016, November 8 registered capital is 5 million yuan, is a professional to provide home integrated wiring system, irradiation of wire and cable, all kinds of special cable r&d manufacturing company. The company is located in the geographic center of the Yangtze delta economic circle, huzhou city, zhejiang province high-tech development zone, east of Shanghai, hangzhou in the south, west even Su Wan, taihu lake in the north.

Company main product is irradiation crosslinking, high temperature, oil resistance, cold-resistant, qualitative light, long life and other special purpose of wire and cable, building wiring connector types, and various types of modules, equipotential system, etc., products can be widely used in equipment, aircraft, household appliances, automobiles, boating, oil platform, construction, tooling and decoration industries.

The company has advanced wire and cable manufacturing equipment, wire and cable production capacity can reach 50000 KM. The company has a strong research and development capabilities, can provide all kinds of customers with different environment, different USES of product solutions